Chinese Names高中英语作文

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  Chinese people usually have two word or three word names: the family name, a middle name and the last name.


  Family names always come tirst. For example, my full name is Bai Junwei. Bai is my family name. Junwei is my given name. But some Chinese people don't have the middle name. For example, a man called Zhou Jian. Zhou is his family name,and Jian is his given name.

  People often use Mr. , Mrs. , or Miss before their family names, but never before.their given names. So you can say "Mr. Zhou", but you could never say "Mr.Jian".


  Chinese names are different from English names. In England, the last name is the family name. The first and the middle name is tile given name. For example,there is a man called Jim Henry Brown. Brown is his family name. Jim Henry is his given name. Another difference between~ E.nglish and Chinese names is that in China, the younger people's names shouldn't be the same as the elder's in the family.For example, my grandpa's name is Guo Dong, so i can't be called Guo Dong again.This shows that we respect the old people.

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